Golden cars

Premium bath for your car

Love your car? Well then, it is time to pamper it with perfect washing by Pokar’s. With latest cleaning machines, vacuum and high pressure jet systems, gadgets, specialty solutions and foaming shampoos, our wide spectrum of cleaning services are bound to make your car glitter and grab eyeballs on the road.

Based on your requirement for dry and wet cleaning, our tailor made cleaning services can be chosen from plethora of options such as

  • Comprehensive vacuuming of seats and boots
  • Thorough washing of foot mats
  • Shampooing and washing of complete external surface of the car that includes doorframes and underbody
  • Cleaning and polishing of dash board and other plastic interiors
  • Cleaning of tires and alloy wheels
  • Spraying of car perfume
  • Perfect interior treatment to all non-metallic parts for glossy appearance.

It is true that the car paint loses its luster due to sunlight, bird droppings, and pollution. But with Pokar’s at your service, you can heave a sigh of relief. Our immaculate service of car body polishing with special solutions, buffing, and waxing is a sure shot winner to regain the glory of your car. What are you waiting for? Contact us immediately and avail the best car washing service. Remember-we care for your car.

Daily bath for your loved CAAAR